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Friday, January 11 2013

It all started in December 1999, when I first met my beautiful wife. I remember, the first thing she asked me was, “Are you the one?” Of course, without hesitation I replied, “Yes, I am the one”. She was visiting from Chicago for the holiday and was expected to return in a week.


Before I met her, I passed by a flower shop to buy a dozen of long stem red roses but instead I saw this simple white roses flower arrangement which I said to myself, “It’s more like me, simple”.  That first night, we went out with all my friends that I’ve known since high school.


The second day, I called her over the phone and wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed the night and wanted to know her more. She asked me if, “Where will I be spending Christmas Eve?” and I told her that, “I’m going to church with my family”.  I was shocked when she asked what my religion is. When I replied, “I am a Christian”. I was even more shock when she asks if she can come because she is a Christian herself and wanted to go to church for the Christmas. So, I did pick her up and went to church where she met all my family. During the service, we fell in line for the lighting of candles where I fell behind when I saw a long time family friend that I haven’t seen in years. When I came back in line, she was already at least seven people ahead. But, something happened. Somehow, the other line from the other end finished before us and I was asked to go to the other side. I felt like I was getting married when I saw her lighting the candle the same time, I was.


The third day, I was suppose to attend Christmas brunch with family which we usually do every year and she was suppose to spend time with her family on a trip and was to come back four days later. But, something happened earlier that morning. I woke up and had a dream. In that dream, I was to go with her on the trip and I have to bring the ring which I have purchased ten years back which I plan to give to the right person who I will be spending my whole life with. So, I decided to go. During the five hour trip, I asked all the questions that I have, to see if she is the one that I’ve been searching and waiting for (my soul mate). And, it made me come to a decision to propose that evening. So, I waited for the right time and asked her if she can go for a little walk with me. When we reached a romantic spot, I ask her if she believes in faith and was going to reach for the ring when she kept saying, “No, It can’t be...” and she kept repeating it until I ask her if she knows what I was reaching for. That’s when she told me about her 3 wishes. She prayed and asks for a partner who first needs to be a Christian, Second, someone who will give her white flowers and finally, somebody who will give her a ring. Then, I realize that I was giving each of her wishes every day from the time I met her. The fourth day, we got married.


From today, it has been 13 years 9 months and 11 days and still very much in love. I wanted to share our love story and ask for prayers. She was diagnosed with hepato pulmonary syndrome and was told that she might need to under go a liver transplant. I am asking each and every one to pray with me for her sickness to come to pass and be healed. Matthew 18:19

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