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Tuesday, January 20 2015

Getting a big refund on your tax return sounds great. But, be aware! when some one tells you that they can get you a big refund, on your tax return. It might sound good and tempting but consequences may follow and you will be in debt with IRS for years, trying to pay it back. Most of those individuals are not even registered as a tax practitioner and only after for your money.

With over 35 years of experience as a tax preparer, we have helped taxpayers with an audit from IRS due to  due diligence and not filing their tax return the right way. Tax return is not just entering amounts and numbers, in order to maximize and calculate a big return. Tax Rules and Regulations should be applied at all times. Individuals who tells you that they can get you the maximum refund that you deserve but charges you ridiculously are the people you have watch out for. Most of them will ask for half of your refund but on the other hand, not sign your return and mark your return as self prepared.

There are several online resources where you can check if a tax practitioner is registered to prepare tax returns, like CTEC. Secure your investment and protect yourself from individuals who will inflict problems to your future. It's better to get your your income tax return prepared the right way and worry free. A great tax preparer will always try to maximize and get you the refund you truly deserve.

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