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Sunday, June 08 2014

Many credit repair companies target the most vulnerable individual due to their credit situation. There's a reason why an individual is looking for help on fixing their credit. It only means that they don't have the capability to pay some or all of their current debt. Why have them think that they are saving money by getting a credit repair service and that they will have a great credit after all that was said and done. Think of your credit, as a soldier. A soldier may make all necessary preparation for a battle, but that doesn't mean that he will have enough ammunition when a real battle happens. However, having a good plan of action can restore and complete a mission without getting into any battle. You will come out a winner and not a victim. This is what we do. We restore credit and give our clients a plan of action for the sole purpose of giving them a peace of mind and a more substantial credit score that will benefit them for years to come.

We understand that every credit situation is different and unique. Credit Restoration is unique in that there is no selling strategy or sales speech to make. Several individual may have the same credit score but for entirely different scenario. The Credit Restoration Store analyzes each and every client's distinctive situation and prepares a customized Credit Restoration Plan of action specifically for each one.

Do you know how much you spend for having a Poor Credit Score?

A low credit score can cost you and your family hundreds of dollars each year and potential thousands of dollars over a lifetime. An artificially low credit score can add 3% to 18% to the interest rate of every loan or financing agreement that you might have or will have. It affects credit cards, student loans, home and car loans, business line of credit, and much more. An artificially low credit score can cause you to be denied, without even getting to the stage where a lender asks you to pay the enormous interest rate. Having a poor credit score can affect every financial agreement that you enter into, and it makes many financial options simply unavailable to you!

The money that an individual saves from having a good credit compared to someone with a poor credit is probably the vacation trip that the individual with a poor credit has been planning for years but could not get to go, due to the money he or she is spending on interest alone.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's get started with your venture to have a better credit score, today! You can go online 24/7 with our automated system or call us anytime to request a one-on-one phone appointment with a specialist. We're always looking forward on helping someone in need. We can't leave a soldier behind...

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