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Monday, October 29 2012

Five important things to consider when preparing your will:

  • Your Property
    - make a ist of everything you own and how much it is worth (home, vacation property, automobile, etc)
    - money in your bank accounts
    - stock
    - pensions
    - insurance policies
    - any personal valuables
    - any business interest
  • Guardians - if you have minor children (under 18 years of age)
  • Your Business Interest - what would you like to happen to your business after you die
    - buy and sell insurance option
    - keyman insurance
    - business continuation
  • Any Other Wishes
    - funeral arrangements (burial or cremation)
    - organ donation
  • Appointing an Executor
    - a person(s) who can carry-out your wishes under the will when you die

One sure thing that we are certain, we all get old and unfortunately that we all must pass on. But, we can do something and prepare for it. Make sure that our love one has peace of mind that we have move on knowing that they are all taken care of and that they will be okay. 

We always avoid the topic but it is better to be prepared rather than leaving your love ones the burden and worries. It's hard enough that they have to face the grief by loosing you. So, get prepared today. You'll never know what will happen tomorrow.

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