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Child Health Insurance

Are you worried about your child's wellness? Is your child one of those more than 5 million American youths - children and babies - with pre-existing medical condition? Worry no more! You can now acquire child-only health insurance quotes from companies - even if your child have pre-existing condition.

Health Insurance for Children Only and Babies

The federal and state governments have made insurance plans for babies and children one of their main priorities. The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Act prevents insurers from declining health insurance for children only due to pre-existing medical conditions. The new health care legislation is designed to prevent any child from being denied coverage because he or she has a pre-existing condition, thus creating health insurance for babies ad children only. Child-Only Health Insurance plans are individual plans made available to children age 18 and under, including babies, with no parent or guardian listed on the same plans.

Child-Only Health Insurance plans give parents more choices and allow individuals and small groups without employer-based coverage the chance to buy insurance on state-regulated exchanges. Additionally, those babies and children under children-only health insurance quotes can be covered until the age of 26, or in some state-based quotes, up to age 29.

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Rules in Specific States and Health Insurance Companies for Child-Only Health Insurance Plans

Rules affecting consumers in specific states and with specific insurers may vary. In some states, child-only plans for children and babies may be obtained through licensed children-only insurers while in other states they may only be obtained by applying for quotes directly through the insurers.

In some states, child-only health insurance quotes may be acquired outside an open enrollment period in a case of qualifying event, as stated in the quotes such as birth or adoption of babies, the death of a parent, the loss of employer-sponsored coverage, etc.

Insurance companies in some states may be allowed to add a surcharge in the quotes to the monthly premium for applicants who were previously uninsured. Some insurers are also allowed to charge child-only applicants with pre-existing medical conditions higher rates than those without pre-existing medical conditions.

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