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My Personal Book - Planner Package $695
Planning for the future made simple... 
My Personal Book Package

Last Will - A legal declaration of how you would like your affairs settled once you pass away.

Living Trust - An agreement established while you are alive that allows easy transfer of your assets without going through the often costly and lenghty process of probate. A Living Trust allows you to spread out the distribution of your estate over time, protect your wealth from creditors and much more.

Health Care Power of Attorney - A legal form that allows you to empower another person with decisions regarding your healthcare and medical treatment should you become dibilitated.

Financial Power of Attorney - A legal form that allows you to name one or more person to handle your financial affairs on a complete or limited basis.

Expect the best and plan for the worst. We have a plan to take care of your family. Will, Trust and Power of Attorneys.

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Who need Will and Trust

Will & Trust is something everyone needs to do, not just "wealthy" people. You don't need to be rich to become ill or injured, nor do you need to be wealthy to provide for and protect your family's financial affairs.

Will and Trust will put you in greater control of the financial and health care decisions that directly affect your life and your family.

  1. Last Will- A last will expresses your desires for the handling of your financial and personal affairs.
  2. Living Trust - A living trust will save time and court costs by avoiding probate.
  3. Health Care Power of Attorney - You can name someone to make decisions about your medical treatment if you are unable to make them yourself. Also includes a living will.
  4. Financial Power of Attorney - You can name someone to manage your financial or business affairs if you are unable to handle them yourself.

Plan while you can. It's not enough to simply want to do the right thing; you need to make sure it happens. Let Will & Trust turn your good intentions into good planning and security for your family.

Life Can Be Full of Uncertainties

Life can be full of uncertainties. You can't always control the unfortunate circumstances in your life, however you can have a plan of action in place should they occur. WILL & TRUST will enable you to plan not only for yourself, but for your loved ones as well.

Will and Trust is our way of helping you plan for life's uncertainties. It includes a variety of planning tools and options so that you may customize your plans for yourself and your family. WILL & TRUST is an estate planning package complete with Living Trust, Last Will Testament and Financial and Health Care Power of Attorney.

Will & Trust will assist you with these essentials:

  • Preparing financial and health care power of attorney
  • Talking with your family now to decide how to handle your financial and medical affairs should you become incapable of making your own decisions
  • Preparing a last will and establishing a living trust that will distribute your property according to your wishes after one passes on.

Will & Trust is the comprehensive, affordable, easy to use package with everything your need. No add-ons, no surprises.

  • Developed and prepared by attorneys
  • Comprehensive low-cost package includes will, living trust, medical and financial power of attorney
  • Endorsed by credit unions and community banks
  • Superior, unlimited customer support
  • Full legal documents sent directly to you for signing and notarizing