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Worker's Compensation

A worker's compensation quote, also known as work compensation or workman's comp, provide covered workers with medical and wage replacement benefits that arise from workplace injury. The quote makes sure that an employee involved in an injury at work receives appropriate medical care, lost wages relating to the on-the-work injury, and, if necessary, retraining and rehabilitation, so as to be able to return to work after the injury occurs. Only workplace injury that arises from the normal course of business is compensable in the quote.

Worker's comp quotes cover employees in case of work-related accidents. Most US states require worker's comp quotes for any employees, even part-timers. Some states only require companies with three or more employees to acquire worker's comp quotes.

What is Work Injury Compensation?

An injury or illness that occurs due to employment is considered a work injury (or illness) compensation. Under worker's compensation law, a worker will receive help if injured, no matter who was at fault. Compensation quotes various types of events, injuries, and illnesses. Worker's compensation quotes cover costs of medical treatment including physician visits, prescription medications, surgeries, etc. In addition, a worker's compensation quotes provides lost time or indemnity benefits. The amount of indemnity benefits is based upon a worker's weekly wage and the benefit amounts are determined by laws, as may stated in the quote.

Worker's Compensation Quote Classifications

Before claiming a worker's compensation, an employee must be classified accordingly in the quote. The primary purpose of the classification system is to facilitate the accurate collection of data so that the cost of work injury compensation quotes can be distributed as equitably as possible. The Standard Classification System, which contains approximately 500 industry classifications, describes groups of employers whose businesses are relatively similar. Each classification reflects the type of operations common to that group of employers. For most industries, classifications in the quote are assigned by analyzing an employer's overall operations and identifying one classification that describes the business as a whole.

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