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Wireless: Instant Payment Anywhere
Go wireless with the Nurit 8020 and put the money you would spend on a phone line back into your business. Wireless terminals are transaction-ready, wherever you go. Away from the office? Doing business on the road? Wireless terminals are fast, reliable, and the right fit in the palm of your hand - processing credit card transactions with no hassle, clutter, and virtually no waiting. Already have wireless service through your cell phone? Sync Merchant has the technology to accept credit and debit card payments through your mobile phone with ROAMpay. Turn your Apple iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone into a secure payment portal and never miss a sale. Simply, swipe a card, capture a signature and enjoy the convenience of instant payment. And ROAMpay's app-plus-encrypted card reader sleeve combination can lower your cost of accepting credit cards by 30%.