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Take5 Group of Companies translating service is an established translation service company headquartered in the City of West Covina servicing the State of California and the rest of the United States. Our professional team and certified translators provides written translation services in all languages, and for the purposes but not limited to legal, medical, entertainment, biotech, education, government, and much more. Our knowledgeable group of translators specialize in providing high volume and quality translation in the most time efficient, and cost effective manner.

  • Document Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • French Translation
  • Spanish Translation

Certified professional translation in legal, financial, and scientific industries.


Detailed review to improve structure, style, and natural writing.


Final review to correct grammatical issues, syntax or spelling.

Qualified translators to facilitating language comprehension in different cultural backgrounds teaching people that thee are no barriers in communications. We have over a decade of experience working as a translator, editor, and proofreader for large and small corporations mostly in legal, financial, and technical sectors. Our focus is on translating documents in English, Spanish, and French that not only convey a clear message, but also function as tools that deliver cultural knowledge in the target language.

Our professional translators hold a MS in Biological Sciences and multiple certifications in Languages, Grammar, and Writing. A member of the American Translator Association (ATA). We also worked with many Science Departments at different Universities in the United States and Latin America, as well as multiple Law Offices located in California.

As a professional translator,  it has been an amazing journey for Take5 Group of Companies. We have built a freelance career which allows us to work remotely, travel the world, learn from different cultures, and delivery an outstanding services of excellence. This has been our passion for so many years, and we consider it one of the most enriching experiences in our company.

Take5 Group of Companies provides the level of quality and excellence that your're looking for in a document translation.

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