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Thank you for taking the Financial Literacy Challenge.

If answered yes to 7 or more of the questions, congratulations! You are financially literate, likely responsible for protecting yourself and your family and probably enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have everything in order.

If you answered yes less than 7 times, you are likely leaving your family unprotected, likely no handling your financial matters as you probably should and you likely don't have the peace of mind you probably want. Therefore, the biggest question for you is, are you willing to do something about it?

Ask the FES Agent who administered this Financial Literacy Challenge how you could be on the road to protecting your identity, credit, family, finances and future and how you could truly have the peace of mind you deserve. They have the answers!

"Taking the FES Financial Literacy Challenge showcase how much improvement can be made to an individual's financial scenario, in areas where many have fallen short due to their previous lack of financial education. It highlights the missing components that secure a financial future for both our personal and financial affairs, and the protection of our families. The Protection Plan Membership is the perfect combination of unique services that every family needs to protect their identity, credit, and financial property. Our goal with FES is to turn the tide of financial illiteracy, and with the FES Protection Plan, we are taking a major step towards changing how Americans take care of their personal and financial matters. ~Mike Toloff, President, FES