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Identity Theft Protection

LifeLock is dedicated to relentlessly protecting your personal information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We provide pro-active identity theft protection using innovative technologies that power not only LifeLock but also the world's most sophisticated surveillance solutions - similar to the technology employed by government intelligence agencies and blue-chip corporations.

Do you know that every 3 seconds, an identity is stolen? Identity theft has become extremely problematic for millions of people. Imagine having bill collectors calling you, judgements against you, your credit totally ruined and even a warrant out for your arrest for things you didn't't even do. That's what can happen if your identity is compromised or stolen! It could cost you thousands of dollars, countless hours of your life and a tremendous amount of stress and frustration. And, just so you know, your children could be a victim as well. Why risk it! Why go through the unnecessary pain and suffering when you can insure you are protected with the premier identity theft protection service in America today. LifeLock watches over and protects your identity. You'll receive notifications when your personal information is being used and the web is being patrolled at all times for the illegal selling or trading of your personal information. In addition, you have a one million dollar service guarantee that states if your identity is stolen, LifeLock will spend up to a million dollars to fix it.

Our Vision and Commitment

Sync Merchants Store is a community that has been developed to assist and protect the interest of individuals and small business owners to help with their immediate business start-up needs and concerns. Our goal is share our vision to bring peace of mind and to deliver our mission to increase awareness and educate each individual to plan for their future success.

We understand and are committed to the importance of affordability, quality, and excellent service which we meet and exceed in every case. We are here to help and assist you in every step of the way to reach your goal, because your success depends on our credibility and growth.

Our Mission is to assist individuals to become part of, "Corporate America" and benefit from the piece of the pie and have stability for their future with a healthy and wealthy result.

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