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Getting your income tax return is never been easy. With Accounting Manager Pro On-The-Go Tax, you can get your tax return done by following a few simple steps:

1) Fill-out questionnaire form!
2) Choose from our three method: Fax, E-mail or Phone. Simply send a copy of your W2, 1099, Interest Statement, etc.
3) Once received, one of our professional tax preparer will evaluate the information sent and give you a response within the same day.
4) A message will be sent to your preferred contact list containing your private link, where you will see your tax evaluation, tax preparation fees and method of payment.
5) If you decide to get your income tax return filed by us. Simply choose one of the payment method! Pay by credit card or pay later by simply having the tax preparation fees deducted from the total return.
6) Once accepted, a message will be sent to your preferred contact list and have your final tax return printed. You can visit your personal private page anytime and print a copy.


If you're trying to login to your account. Please use the link that we sent over to you for your user name and password. If you forgot and want to receive the link, again. click here!