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Financial Literacy Challenge
Are you financially literate and Responsible? Are you protecting yourself and your family? Do you have peace of mind? Join the millions of Americans who are taking the challenge!
1. Do you know your current FICO score?
2. If you know your FICO score do you have 740 or above so that you can save the most money and have the most control over your financial position? If you don't have your current score move to question 3
3. Do yohave all the followng: (a) Last Will (b) Living Trust (c) Health Care Power of Attorney (d) Financial Power of Attorney?
4. Do you have all of your personal and financial documents and information organized and in a place that the appropriate person could readily and easily find if something were to happen to you?
5. Are you aware that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in our country today?
6. Do you some type of identity theft protection system currently in place?
7. Do you feel you are on track to be debt free at this point of your life?
8. Do you currently have a budgeting and debt-payoff tool or system that helps you to pay off your debt most efficiently and enables you to know the exact month and year that you will be debt free
9. Do you feel that your formal education or your upbringing sufficiently prepared you to ppropriately manage your financial and important personal matters as it relates to protecting your (a) identity (b) credit (c) assets (d) real estate (e) personal property (f) family
10. If you knew a way at an affordable price to get all the education and services you needed to protect yourself and your family. Would you be interested in knowing how?
Find Out!