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Credit Restoration Process
  1. How Long Does It Take for the Process?
    Everyone's credit situation is different, so how long does it take for you to achieve your expected results depending on the number of derogatory credit items on your reports. Your participation in getting credit reports to us, and the level of credit bureau's cooperation. We will do our part, the auditing and creating dispute letters based on each individual report, usually within 48 hours from the date we receive them. Most of the wait-time after is usually spent waiting for the credit bureaus or creditors to respond.  back to top

  2. How Much Will It Increase My Credit Score?
    Many of our satisfied clients have seen an increase of 100 points or more. However, the actual amount will vary per customer. There are many factors that affect a credit score besides derogatory items. For example, the ability to pay down revolving debt, the type of credit you have, your length of credit history, even the number of inquiries on your credit file. It is especially important that no current accounts fall into a negative status.  back to top

  3. What Do I Have To Do?
    After you have completed the online enrollment. Documents required may be fax, email or mail. Your identification documents to our processing department. A list of required documents required: 1) Social Security Verification such as a photocopy of your Social Security card, photocopy of your pay stub displaying your full Social Security number, photocopy of W-2, photocopy of health insurance card that contains full Social Security number, 2) Address Verification such as clear copy of a current utility bill not older than 2 months (utility, telephone, credit card, bank statement, etc), clear copy of your driver's license with current mailing address. Reminder: these documents will be prepared and mailed to you upon receipt of your required documents.  back to top

  4. Can Bankruptcy or Foreclosure Be Removed?
    Yes, If the listing is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or unverifiable, it can be removed. The severity of bankruptcy, foreclosure, liens, etc. does not factor their removal as much as you would believe. There are a number of elements, unrelated to severity, upon which items can be successfully removed.  back to top

  5. Will I Get A Respond From The Credit Bureaus From The Disputes I Send?
    The credit bureaus are required by law to respond to all correspondence. It is not uncommon for credit agencies to send letters stating they want more information, or that they will not re-verify an account. These types of responses are very common and customers should not be alarmed if they receive them. Customers must continue to send all correspondence they receive from the agencies to the processing center.  back to top

  6. How Long Does It Take for the Credit Bureaus to Respond?
    You will receive updated credit reports from all three credit bureaus after 30 to 45 days. At that time, you will see what was deleted and will need to mail the original to us so that we can continue working with the remaining items. You will actually know what was deleted before we do, which is why it is so important that you forward all correspondence from all credit bureaus within a few days of receiving it. If the credit agency does not respond to your dispute letter, do not be alarmed, a new dispute letter will be generated when your file is reviewed by the processing center every 60 days.  back to top

  7. Can I Change and Add Information to My Dispute Letter?
    Absolutely, any additional information that the customer would like to provide will help expedite the credit restoration process. Simply write on the dispute letter any changes or additional information you may have regarding any specific account, and forward it to the processing center. The processing center will make the necessary corrections on the dispute letter and forward the customer a revised copy to sign and send to the credit agencies. Remember, this is a partnership.  back to top

  8. How Can I Check My Progress?
    Every 60 days, your file will be reviewed. Based on the documentation received from you. Credit report updates and letters from creditors. A new dispute will be generated and forwarded to you for review and signature. Along with the new dispute document, you will receive a status update report showing the progress and deletion of accounts to date. You can also access and view your progress report on your personal web portal assigned to you when you first enrolled.  back to top

  9. Can I Continue The Process After My Contract Expires?
    Yes, contact your sales agent. Due to the increased number of identity fraud cases reported annually, it is recommended that you continue your service to monitor and review your credit reports on a quarterly basis This will ensure your reports remain accurate and that no new information is added without your knowledge.  back to top

  10. Do You Offer Refund If Not Satisfied with the Service?
    Yes, customer satisfaction is very important to us. Customers will be charged an initial $125.00 set-up fee, and $25.00 for each negative account removed or corrected during the time they were involved in the credit restoration process. Customers must complete three dispute cycles. Any remaining money from the initial payment made for the service will be refunded to the customer immediately.  back to top

  11. Will My Credit Score Change If I Open or Close Credit Accounts?
    At first glance, it may seem like a good idea to close old credit accounts or open a host of new ones. But its not. More accounts can hurt, not help. Financial experts agree that you should not open multiple new accounts just to show a credit history. If you have had little credit in the past, build your credit history slowly. Open no more than one or two accounts initially. Also, don't close your old accounts. A long credit history has a positive impact on your credit score. Having a large number of accounts in good standing with zeo balances is a plus, not a negative.  back to top

  12. Will My Credit Score Increase If I Keep Paying My Bills?
    Paying your bills on time should do nothing but help your credit score. Good payment histories will help clients who are trying to buy a home, refinance a home, or qualify for new credit. We often tell clients that while we work on the past, you should be working on the future.  back to top

  13. Will I Get Approved For A Loan After The Process?
    You should be in a much more favorable position as long as you meet several requirements of the credit grantor, such as a good credit history over the past 6-12 months, length of employment, debt ratio, length of time at current residence, and have amount of down payment, etc.  back to top

  14. Who Do I Contact If I Have A Question?
    Our customer service representative will handle all of your service needs. If you need to make contact, you will be provided with a member service number, a unique email address and a fax number that goes directly to member services.  back to top

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