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Take5 Affiliate Program - SMAP

Keep referrals coming during off-season! Benefit from your professional relationship with your clients by offering first-class credit restoration services. Help your clients establish financial independence

By Introducing our Take5 Affiliate Program with Sync Merchants SMAP

Our Sync Merchants Affiliate Program (SMAP) is designed to deliver a credit education service that is unsurpassed in the industry! creating an MBA (Massive Bank Account) revenue stream for tax professionals, mortgage brokers and lenders, loan officers, salesperson, accountants, attorneys, doctors, dentist, teachers, and other professionals who work in an environment where good credit is a must.

As an SMAP, you can refer your current, prospective clients to us. Not only will you benefit in giving those individuals who has been denied with credit a viable solution and peace of mind through CRS, we can help transform your ineligible clients into an ideal prospects. Introducing your prospective clients to CRS can further solidify your professional client relationship and earn you a great commission.

Sync Merchants provides marketing materials of our services along with an exclusive personal code that will give your access to a detailed and effective tracking of your referrals. When a prospective client retains our services and provides your SMAP code during the enrollment process, you will automatically get a commission.

Our innovative system technology is quite unique and offers a great opportunity to earn an MBA (Massive Bank Account). Simply have your partners sign-up as a SMAP under your name. Every time a referral becomes a client in our program, you and your partner will earn a commission. More referrals means higher commissions.

As part of our enrollment process, our clients will be encouraged to provide your SMAP code. We will make sure you get credit for each and every clients you send our way. As an SMAP agent, you will have access to all of your referrals via our SMAP online portal. Our system provides current sign-up information, partners, commission report, and marketing materials.

Our system is very user-friendly and easy to understand yet very powerful business tool. We also have customer support that will be at your side walking you through the whole process, in case you need assistance.


  • Chance to earn an MBA (Massive Bank Account)
  • We offer solutions that establish financial independence
  • Deliver a credit education service that is unsurpassed in the industry
  • We offer a wide variety of marketing materials that will fit most any professionals
  • Added bonus to bring more revenue to your existing business
  • Keep referrals coming during the off-season
  • Leave a great impression and rapport with your existing and future clients
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